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Avtura’s Real-time Aircraft Turnaround Tool (RATT™)

Reduces delays and costs thus maximising revenue opportunities.

  • Improves the management of personnel, equipment and third party contractors.

  • Improves the efficiency and safety of airside operations and On-Time Performance.

  • Enables efficient and effective management and co-ordination of the aircraft arrival, turnaround and departure process.

  • It is quick to implement.  The system can be used by all personnel with the minimum of training.

  • It  integrates with existing operational software.  This minimises operational risk and down time.

  • It allows the Dispatcher/Turnaround Coordinator to pro-actively manage the flight efficiently and effectively so services are carried out as and when they are required.

  • The data collection and analysis service provides real-time operational data.  This can provide business benefits in several areas.

  • Enables you to increase revenue by capturing all the required information for billing purposes so you charge for both the scheduled and ad-hoc services provided .


AVTURA provides you with the opportunity to excel in your ground handling operation