Avtura D-ICE
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Cold hard data to warm the heart of your operation

  • Improve OTP in adverse weather
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Maximise revenue

With tightening profit margins and aggressive OTP targets, adverse weather operations need to be more efficient than ever before.

D-ICE™ has been developed specifically to help you meet these challenges.

D-ICE™ is a real-time mobile management tool for de-icing operations across your entire airport operation. Using the latest mobile applications for data capture and communications, D-ICE™ revolutionises your de-icing rig operations.

D-ICE™ allows you, the airport, airline and de-icing service provider to effectively and efficiently coordinate and manage your de-icing operations in real-time to maximise performance for all stakeholders. Real-time data communications between de-icing rigs and the airport allow you to carry out accurate and timely updates to enable effective coordination of your adverse weather operations in an A-CDM environment. 



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