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Ramp RATT™ - accurate and timely billing capture

Ramp RATT™ is a simple user friendly device for the accurate and timely capture of ramp services provided by an airport, airline or ground handler outside the confines of a normal turnaround.

The device enables ramp operators to capture details of where and when services are provided, and for whom, including the ability to capture an electronic signature from the party receiving the service. This in turn leads to accurate billing and revenue collection for all services provided.

The simple user friendly Ramp RATT™ interface means that it requires minimal training for operatives to be able to successfully use it to gather service provision data.

Allocators are able to use Ramp RATT™ to keep a track of all services provided and to ensure that all information is collected to allow for successful billing as well as monitoring service provision timings, such as length of time a ground power unit has been attached to an aircraft remotely from the office.

Overall Ramp RATT™ enables you to attain the revenue for all services provided no matter where and when, and in an industry where traditionally it is accepted that some 3% - 5% of all services are not billed for this is a significant benefit to the company’s bottom line.