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RATT-LIR- delivering accurate final load data to the right place, at the right time.

The Avtura RATT LIR™ provides a handheld mobile Loading Instruction Report (LIR) for use at aircraft side to provide accurate, clear and concise final load data to either a local or centralised load planning office.

The RATT LIR™ enables the collation of all final load information for both narrow and wide-body aircraft including ULD or Pallet designator and numbers, carrier, weight, pieces, destination, and commodity types in a simple user friendly format on a handheld PDA without the need to leave the aircraft ramp at any time. This information is then able to be electronically transferred to load planning for final loadsheet calculations.

The data collected is also pertinent to the formation of the CPM and UCM messages as well as providing an accurate and readable record of the final LIR, which is safely stored for future reference.

Trials of RATT LIR™ have shown that the ability to send timely and accurate LIR information from the aircraft ramp can save between 5 – 10 minutes in the time taken to deliver final loadsheet details to the aircraft, hence significantly improving aircraft readiness for a safe pushback and departure on-time.