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Complete airport integration

A complete airport integration architecture utilising a modern flexible API layer to integrate multiple data sources and systems into one seamless system to provide a real-time consistent look and feel via tailored individual dashboards delivered to multiple stakeholders.

A complete airport integration architecture that gives you real-time access to the essential information you need; where and when you need it most. Making management by exception the rule to ensure efficient performance across your entire airport community.

AV A2i is a SaaS solution, with 3 key elements


A robust and flexible architecture fit-for-purpose


Web based operations and administration system


A solid and reliable data lake for analysis and reporting

Key benefits


Ability to integrate multiple systems in to one seamless architecture and interchange systems as and when required


One consistent view of all data from multiple sources under one consistent UI look and feel

Multi Stakeholder

Ability for all stakeholders across all functions to benefit from a tailored data integration and presentation layer


Monitoring of performance against SLA’s for airlines, enabling improved contract management

Future proof

A modern flexible architecture based on the infrastructure as code approach allowing for future growth and development

Predictive analysis

Ability to better plan day-of-operation decisions in advance based on reliable and consistent data across all operational functions

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