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Our mission is to revolutionise ground handling operations through cutting-edge software solutions, driven by our industry-renowned leaders and aviation experts.

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The Avtura Story


Avtura was founded by a group of aviation experts and software developers after identifying an opportunity in the industry where technology was lacking. Ground operations were pretty much using the same paper and pen to record and manage processes and something had to change. 

Launched initial project to build a minimum viable product with airlines and ground handlers at London Gatwick Airport.


Avtura launches the first version of our Realtime Aircraft Turnaround Tool in Barcelona at the Passenger Terminal Expo.


Further product development led to various projects with airlines and ground handlers across the UK.


Avtura branched out to the USA working with Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air in the Pacific Northwest.

Aviance Ghana become Avtura’s first African customer.

2010 & 2011

Virgin Atlantic Airways implement AV RATT across their UK operations.


Won the award for the South East Export for Growth at UKTI (now known as the Department of International Trade).

Built and launched AV D-ICE, a new aircraft deicing management tool.

2012 - 2015

Expanded AV RATT customer base to various ground handlers and airlines across the UK, Europe, and Middle East.

Further enhanced the AV D-ICE product working with London Heathrow Airport and major deicing service providers. 

Airline Services (ASL) adopted AV D-ICE across all of their UK operations.

Integrated Deicing Services (IDS) implement AV D-ICE across their UK and European operations.


Won the Gatwick Diamond Business Award for Innovation and Technology.

Virgin Atlantic Airways implement AV RATT globally at 32 airports in 4 continents.


Etihad Airways adopted AV RATT for all of their operations at Abu Dhabi Airport (AUH) and all other airlines operating at AUH.

AV D-ICE implemented with Airline Associates in Keflavik, Iceland.


Our CEO, Chris Meeking, won the Gatwick Diamond Business Award for Business Person of the Year

AV BILLING becomes the latest product in the Avtura AV Suite; a comprehensive contracts and billing management system for Airlines & Ground Handlers using the IATA SGHA. 

London City Airport adopted AV RATT across all of its operation; mandating and providing the system to their incumbent ground handlers. A model that ensures the airport gets consistent turnaround management and data to improve the efficiency of all of their operations.

2018 - 2020

Avtura expands their customer base and reach across 52 airports in 4 continents; including:

  • AV D-ICE adopted by Menzies Aviation across all their global deicing operations in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada
  • Airline Assistance Switzerland implementing AV RATT & AV BILLING across all of their operations in Austria, Switzerland and Spain.

2020 - 2021

The covid years! – with aviation suffering and at an all time low Avtura kept their heads up and made considerable leaps and bounds, including:

  • Developing a new aircraft cleaning management tool – AV CLEAN
  • Gaining multiple new customers across the UK, Europe and Australia
  • Increasing our global reach to 108 airports across 5 continents


Winners of the Gatwick Diamond Business Award for Business Resilience & Transformation


Multiple new customers being implemented in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Canada.

Developing partnerships and projects with Universities and industry partners to leverage the benefits of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI/ML) to further enhance existing products and develop new product offerings. 

Things are going to change, things are going to get even better – watch this space…

Companies who use our software

Why Avtura is the Trusted Choice for Aviation Software Solutions

Advanced Passenger Information

Personalised Approach

With a combined 125 years of hands-on aviation experience in the company, we develop customised solutions to suit your needs and improve performance.

Delivering Results

Proven track record of delivering since 2007, when we went live with the first version of our turnaround tool, whilst others were still just talking about it.

Collaborative Solutions

We work hand in hand with our customers to understand your pain points, continuously enhancing our products to add additional value.

Usable and Scalable Products

We are experts at software development with a specific focus on usability and user interface design. We make it a priority to ensure that minimal training is required.

Avtura has grown from a pure start-up in 2005, with three like-minded individuals taking a leap of faith, into a global aviation software company with operations spanning 108 airports across four continents. Over that time, many things have changed, but our ethos remains the same - to build industry-leading solutions that make a real difference to our users, while keeping them affordable and easy to implement and use. We work closely with our customers for their benefit, ensuring that what they have is what they need, not what we want to give them. As aviation enthusiasts first and foremost, we live, eat, and breathe aviation. We want to make things better, and we want you to come talk to us and let us help you. We take pride in our unique approach and would be honoured to have the opportunity to show you what sets us apart.

Christopher Meeking, Avtura CEO

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