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Aircraft Cabin Cleaning

The ultimate solution for consistent, safe and standardised cabin cleaning. Our SaaS solution offers a range of cleaning services, including water management, lost property tracking, and stock control. Trust AV CLEAN™ to take care of your cabin cleaning needs, so you can focus on delivering a seamless and enjoyable flight experience for your passengers.

Choose AV CLEAN™ for a cleaner, safer, and more efficient aircraft operation

AV CLEAN™ provides a suite of services for airlines to streamline cleaning operations and provides detailed data analytics for better planning.

Aircraft Sanitisation Covid 19

Aircraft Cabin and Lavatory Cleaning

  • Tailored cleaning process and management
  • Accountability and auditing of all cabin cleans
  • Extra sanitisation processes for Covid-19 cleaning acceptance
  • Availability of cleaning declaration code for sanitised flights
  • Cleaning declaration code can be sent to the aircraft via ACARS or EFB
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Aircraft Water Services

  • Full management of potable and toilet water services
  • Ensures adherence to IATA Regulations, including latest water sample lab result
  • Monitors and records tank levels and uplift to enable weight and cost reduction
  • Provides data analytics for planning purposes across flight sectors and PAX loads
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Aircraft lavatory cleaning

In these rapidly changing times AV-CLEAN has been designed to help you to best manage all of your aircraft cleaning services and provide a safe and efficient service to your airline customers and their customers. Giving confidence to everyone that it’s safe to fly!

Lost baggage

Airline Lost Property

  • Capability to record and annotate discovered lost property
  • Ability to take photographic evidence of the find
  • Information stored for later retrieval
  • Capability to transmit information to airline representatives
  • Helps to reunite items with inbound passengers before departing the airport
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Inventory Optimisation with Stock & Asset Control

  • Recording of all cleaning and cabin presentation products used
  • Recording of equipment usage/breakage during the operation
  • Better stock control and JIT stock control & ordering
  • Improved accurate billing of all items used
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Aviation inventory optimisation

How the AV CLEAN™ system works:


Uses handheld devices with the AV CLEAN™ application installed to manage cleaning services in real-time


The web-based operations and administration system allows for easy management of cleaning services across multiple locations


Utilises a AV CLEAN™ cloud-based database hosted by a global partner for secure and efficient data management

Key Benefits of our Aircraft Cleaning Service

Aircraft Turnaround Performance

Aircraft Cleaning App with Checklists and Reporting

Easy-to-use handheld app for cleaning checklists and reporting.

sanitation services

Full Accountability and

Fully audited accountability for all cleaning services and practices.

Aircraft Cabin

Safe, Sanitised Flight Deck, Crew areas & Galleys

Allowing flight deck and cabin crew to perform their duties in a clean & safe environment.

Advanced Passenger Information

Passenger Notifications

Ability to alert passengers about the aircraft’s cleanliness and sanitisation status.

Billing Airport

Data Intelligence and Reporting

Data analytics and BI dashboards for easy reporting to all stakeholders.

Standardised Cleaning Performance

Consistent and standardised cabin cleaning performance for safe and confident flying.

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