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Aircraft Deicing Software

AV D-ICE™ streamlines airplane deicing operations by electronically managing all events, recording all activities and delivering automated messages to ground operations and the aircraft flight deck. Designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs and minimise the impact of bad weather.

Transform the efficiency and profitability of your aircraft deicing operations

AV D-ICE™ offers comprehensive solutions to streamline deicing operations, from request allocation to real-time updates. With handheld devices and automated systems, our services provide real-time operational awareness, accurate billing, and post-deicing reports.

Avtura Aircraft Deicing

AV D-ICE™ Core

  • Provides real-time operational awareness and coordination of deicing operations
  • Recording all activities completed, including image capture
  • Automatically updating the operations system
  • Delivering an automated anti-icing message to the aircraft flight deck
  • Suitable for individual airports, country-wide, or global deicing service providers
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AV D-ICE™ Fluid

  • Fluid Manager enables accurate tracking of fluid usage in storage tanks and rigs/trucks
  • Fluid location and stock level information accessible through the web portal
  • Real-time decision-making for fluid delivery and re-ordering
  • Minimises the risk of low stock levels at any location
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airplane deicing vehicle on runway
Aircraft Deicing Software


  • Provides efficient management of deicing operations at a centralised facility or pad area
  • Real-time situational awareness for optimal sequencing of aircraft
  • Works stand-alone or in conjunction with AV D-ICE™ Core
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  • Billing and invoicing are automated, eliminating the need for manual data entry of completed jobs
  • Image capture and pre-approval are utilised to capture and document additional work, enabling support for ancillary billing
  • The system can handle customer queries related to billing and invoicing efficiently
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Airport billing software

How the AV D-ICE™ system works


Utilises handheld devices equipped with the D-ICE™ application for convenient access and management


Leverages web-based operations and administration systems for centralised control and coordination


Makes use of the D-ICE™ cloud-based database which is hosted by a global partner for secure and accessible data storage

Key Benefits of our Aircraft Deicing Software

Efficiency Boost

More efficient deicing operations with reduced times and improved resource utilisation.

Environment impact

Improved fluid management, reducing costs and environmental impact.

Streamlined Automation

Increased automation of processes, reducing manpower effort and costs.

Optimised Service Delivery

Ensures aircraft is deiced through accurate and timely deicing services at the right place and time.

Enhanced Performance Monitoring

Monitoring performance against SLAs, enabling improved contract management and reducing flight delays.

Transparent Billing

Accurate and transparent billing data for all stakeholders, improving revenues and cash flow management.

The staff at our two ‘launch’ bases were using the software unaided within half an hour of first being introduced to the application. The software is completely intuitive and guides each user through the process, whilst at the same time collecting invaluable information, which as a business, we have previously not been able to record. The application also provides us with an additional level of safety management, providing guidance to ensure that correct processes are used during each operation.

JIM CreeWinter Operations Manager

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