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Aviation Systems Integration

Our cutting-edge solution revolutionises aviation resource management by seamlessly integrating multiple systems and data sources. With our complete airport integration architecture, you gain access to real-time information, tailored dashboards, and enhanced efficiency across the airfield. Empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions and maximise operational effectiveness.

Seamless System Integration for Efficient Airport Operations

AV A2i™ provides a suite of services to ensure seamless integration and operational excellence. With our future-proofed and flexible architecture, we unify multiple data sources into one platform, empowering real-time decision-making and optimising airport operations.

Airport systems integration

Complete Airport Integration Architecture

  • Utilises AV A2i™ API layer to integrate multiple data sources and systems
  • Provides real-time consistent look and feel
  • Tailored UIs and dashboards for multiple stakeholders
  • Enables airlines, ground handlers and airport management to access relevant information when they need it
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Future Proof Architecture

  • Built on infrastructure as code approach
  • Fully future-proofed and flexible
  • Enables growth and addition of new systems
  • Seamless integration of current and future stakeholders
  • Takes advantage of real-time operational data
  • Enhances complete airfield operation effectiveness
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Transport management software

A complete airport integration architecture that gives you real-time access to the essential information you need; where and when you need it most. Making management by exception the rule to ensure efficient performance across your entire airport community.

Airport Management

Unlimited Data Sources

  • Ability to handle multiple data feeds including: 
    • Standard IATA messaging
    • RMS, BRS and DCS
    • A-CDM and AODB
    • Turnaround data
    • AI Camera Data
  • Centralised information management system within one architecture
  • Provides real-time operational situational awareness
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In-depth Analysis and Business Intelligence

  • Covers multiple functions and operational areas
  • Establishes a continuous feedback loop
  • Improves performance based on real-time, consistent, and accurate data
  • Supports predictive analysis and advance planning
  • Facilitates day-of-operation decisions and service management based on reliable data
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Aviation hub

How AV A2i™ Works:


A robust and flexible architecture tailored for the tasks at hand ensures optimal performance


Web-based operations and administration system facilitates easy management


A solid and reliable data lake forms the foundation for analysis and reporting

Key Benefits of our Integrated Systems Solution

Enhanced Flexibility

Seamlessly integrate multiple systems into one seamless architecture, allowing for interchangeability as and when required.

Consistent and Unified Data View

Gain one consistent view of all data from multiple sources under a cohesive UI look and feel.

Empowerment of Multi-Stakeholders

Ensure relevant information is accessible to all stakeholders to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency.

Performance Monitoring and Contract Management

Monitor performance against SLAs for airlines, facilitating improved contract management and ensuring service level agreements are met.

Future-Proof Infrastructure

Utilise a modern and flexible architecture ensuring scalability and adaptability for future growth and development.

Enhanced Predictive Analysis

Leverage reliable and consistent data across all operational functions to enable advanced planning for day-of-operation decisions.

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