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Ensuring the safety and efficiency of operations is paramount in today’s fast-paced and time-pressured aviation industry. As a leading provider of innovative solutions for airlines and aviation companies, we understand the need for cutting-edge technology that can revolutionise the way we approach aviation safety. AV D-ICE™, is a game-changer in the world of de-icing operations. Below we will explore what AV D-ICE™ is and why it is a significant step forward for airlines and airport operations.


The Challenge of De-Icing in the Aviation Industry

De-icing is a critical aspect of aviation safety. Icy and snow-covered aircraft can lead to a whole host of problems, including reduced aerodynamic efficiency, increased fuel consumption and the potential for accidents during take-off and landing.


What is AV D-ICE™?

Avtura’s AV D-ICE™ is a comprehensive software solution that aims to streamline aircraft deicing operations, making them more efficient and cost-effective. The system covers all aspects of the deicing process, from request allocation to real-time updates, providing airports with a complete toolset for effective management.


The Core of AV D-ICE™

At the heart of Avtura’s AV D-ICE™ is Rig Manager, the real-time operational awareness and coordination module for de-icing operations. It records all activities, including image capture, and automatically updates the operations system. AV D-ICE™ also delivers automated anti-icing code messages to the aircraft flight deck in many mediums, enhancing safety and efficiency. AV D-ICE™ can be tailored to different needs depending on the airport, airline or de-icing service provider, making it a versatile solution for all de-icing operations.


Fluid Management with AV D-ICE™ Fluid

Fluid Manager, a key component of AV D-ICE™, provides accurate tracking of fluid usage in storage tanks and rigs/trucks. By offering real-time information on fluid management and stock levels through a web portal, it enables de-icing providers and airports to make informed decisions about fluid delivery and reordering. This not only reduces costs but also minimises the risk of low stock levels at critical times.


Efficient Centralised Management with AV D-ICE™ PAD

AV D-ICE™ PAD is designed to provide efficient management of de-icing operations at a centralised facility or pad area. It offers real-time situational awareness, ensuring optimal sequencing of aircraft de-icing activities. It can work stand-alone or in conjunction with AV D-ICE™, allowing airports to customise their solutions for maximum efficiency.


Efficient Implementation and User-Friendly Interface

One of the most impressive features of AV D-ICE™ is its user-friendly interface. The software is so intuitive that the staff at Avtura’s two ‘launch’ bases were using it unaided within half an hour of being introduced to the application. This user-friendliness is coupled with invaluable data collection, safety management, and guidance to ensure correct processes during each operation.


Key Benefits of AV D-ICE™

  • Efficiency Boost: Streamlines deicing operations, reducing times and improving resource utilisation.
  • Environmental Impact: Enhances fluid management, reducing costs and environmental impact.
  • Streamlined Automation: Increases automation, reducing manpower effort and costs.
  • Optimised Service Delivery: Ensures aircraft deicing with accurate and timely services at the right place and time.
  • Enhanced Performance Monitoring: Enables performance monitoring against service level agreements, reducing flight delays.
  • Transparent Billing: Provides accurate and transparent billing data, improving revenues and cash flow management.


Avtura’s AV D-ICE™ solution is a game-changer for aircraft de-icing operations. By providing comprehensive and streamlined management, this software enhances efficiency, reduces costs, and ensures safety during challenging weather conditions. With a user-friendly interface and the ability to cater to different airports’ needs, AV D-ICE™ is set to redefine the way airports handle aircraft de-icing operations, ultimately leading to safer and more efficient air travel.