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Cold hard data to warm the
heart of your operation



Helping your aircraft leave on
time… and making you money



Helping you manage,
account for and ensure an
approved aircraft clean



Everything, everywhere,
all the time in real-time in
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Enhance your Aviation Operations
with User-Friendly Software

Avtura is not just any software company.
Our team is composed of experienced professionals with hands-on expertise from working in operational roles in the aviation industry.
Our mobile and web-based SaaS solutions help airports, airlines, and ground handlers automate and connect their operational processes, improving performance and profits.

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Why Avtura is the Trusted Choice for Aviation Software Solutions

Personalised Approach

With over 125 years of aviation experience in the company, we develop customised solutions to suit your needs and improve performance.

Delivering Results

Proven track record of delivering since 2007, when we went live with the first version of our turnaround tool, whilst others were still just talking about it.

Collaborative Solutions

We work hand in hand with our customers to understand your pain points, continuously enhancing our products to add additional value.

Usable and Scalable Products

We are experts at software development with a specific focus on usability and user interface design. We make it a priority to ensure that minimal training is required.

Delivering benefits to:


• Early awareness of changes to aircraft target off-blocks times
• Increase revenue through better airport resource utilisation


• Minimises delays
• Increases aircraft and personnel utilisation
• Improves management of 3rd party contracts
• Reduces missed passenger connections

Ground Handlers

• Simplifies scheduling and deployment
• Monitors performance and quality
• Improves on-time performance
• Increases billing accuracy

Our Software Solutions:

RATT® Suite

RATT® Suite helps you improve turnaround efficiency.

• Capturing all aircraft turnaround activities in real time
• Highlighting activities that are not on track
• Automatically updating central operations teams and the airport

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D-ICE™ provides deicing management solutions.

• Real time allocation of deicing rigs in line with A-CDM priorities
• Accurate data capture and timestamps
• Real time operational awareness of all deicing operations

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A2i™ helps you manage airport wide integration.

• Real-time access to everything, everywhere
• Flexible integration layer based on a dedicated Data Lake
• Seamlessly manage your data and operations
• Streamline airport operations and enhance efficiency

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Having the RATT makes me more aware of everything going on around me,” he said. “I love the way it cuts down on the paperwork and makes life easier.

TCONewark International Airport, USA

Complete aircraft cleaning management for compliance and accountability.

• Adhere to legal requirements for fully sanitised and approved aircraft cabins
• Maintain aircraft cabins that are 'fit-to-fly' post Covid-19
• Comprehensive cleaning management to ensure safety and hygiene

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AV Billing helps you maximise your revenue capture

• Ground handler contract set up and administration
• Real-time capture of all chargeable ground handler activities with signature capture
• Accurate bill calculation and invoice generation

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