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We understand your pain

Paper-based processes, unreliable data, no real time visibility, tight margins - and our leading software solutions are proven to transform performance and profits.

The AV RATT® Suite – comprises flexible tailored solutions for the aircraft turnaround, passenger services, ramp operations, and ground handling contract and billing management.

The old days of clipboards and heaps of paperwork could be so frustrating, especially on a wet and windy day. Thanks to the RATT the clipboards have gone, the paperwork has reduced, and our TCO’s can spend more time doing the most important part of their job; keeping a careful watch on everything that goes on around the aircraft stand.

Duty Manager, VAA, Newark International Airport, USAHead of Operations, Vigin Atlantic

Billing and invoicing is automated – no more need to spend hours manually entering tasks completed. Automated capture of turn types, ancillary services, bonus and rebates as well as disbursements. Ensuring improved invoice accuracy, increased revenues and reduced debtor days; whilst enhancing the partnership between ground handlers and their airline customers.

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RATT® is a SaaS solution, with 3 key elements


Handheld devices with the AV RATT® applications installed onto it


Web based operations and administration system


AV RATT® cloud based database using a global hosting partner

Key benefits

Improved On-Time Performance

Utilising real-time automated data collection and Machine Learning/AI to improve performance of the turnaround and increase OTP

Increasing profits

Improved billing accuracy and timeliness; increasing profits and improving cashflow management


Improved billing accuracy and timeliness; increasing profits and improving cashflow management


Monitoring of performance against SLA’s for airlines, enabling improved contract management

Collaboration & Integration

Multiple system integration including A-CDM predicted T-OBT’s based on real-time updates of the turnaround

Customer satisfaction

Reduced flight delays, improved OTP & customer satisfaction and minimising negative PR.

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